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Luxury Kitchen Countertops & Bath Designs with Blue Bahia

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:30 AM

Different colors add different energies to interior spaces. A vibrant orange can charge a living room with electric vibes, while a soft pink can add a sweet and soothing touch to a nursery. When it comes to kitchens and baths, cool blues are commonly incorporated to add tranquility for a naturally peaceful home. But in order to bring the purest blues as they appear in nature into the home for a luxury kitchen or bath, decorators and designers should consider blue granite. 
Blue Bahia, or Azul Bahia, is a semi-precious granite stone that is quarried in Bahia, Brazil. This unique natural stone with color variegation that can include whites, grays, royal blues, navy blues and various shades in between. The speckled patterns of Blue Bahia granite can range to have subtle veining or heavier, more dramatic veining. With its serenely beautiful tones, this blue granite can be worked into high-end interiors in multiple ways. Blue Bahia looks particularly stunning against a crisp white, and it can beautifully complement golds, neutrals and other warm hues for a rich, luxurious finish.  
Blue Bahia granite countertops look particularly stunning against a crisp white as in this high-end, French country style kitchen
blue bahia granite 1 resized 600
This gorgeous traditional master bathroom design exemplifies how well Azul Bahia granite complements warm, neutral hues. 
blue bahia granite 2 resized 600
For a truly, rich and luxurious finish, pair Azul Bahia countertops with glamorous gold finishes like in this elegant and earthy luxury bathroom
blue bahia granite 3 resized 600
Even contemporary styles can be enhanced with vibrant Blue Bahia countertops like in this industrial inspired kitchen with black cabinets
blue bahia granite 4 resized 600
Sooth your own high-end kitchen or luxury bathroom design with Blue Bahia granite slabs from Marble and Granite, the largest wholesaler of natural stone in New England. Visit our online product catalog to see specs and pricing on Azul Bahia granite slabs, or visit one of the Marble and Granite showrooms in Milford, Connecticut or Westwood, Massachusetts.  
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