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Create a Canvas for a Stunning Design with Bright White Interiors

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

To the untrained eye, the color white is nothing special. But to professionals or anyone with an eye for interior design, the color white is one of the most dynamic colors in residential and commercial design. Bright white hues have an amazing ability to highlight every detail. No matter what the style, white interiors allow architectural detail and color accents to really shine, empowering them to impact the entire look and feel of a space. InteriorHolic said it brilliantly. 
"The look of a pure white interior is simply mesmerizing. It's blank as a paper sheet and yet there is texture to it in furniture and fabrics. In a purely white decor anything could happen." 
This type of effect can only be achieved with truly bright whites, or as design writer Samantha Schoech says, "white-white, the kind of white architects love." Inspired by Schoech, here are some helpful tips for designing with whites to achieve beautiful bright white interiors. 
1. Choose a style; it doesn't matter which one. White interiors can be vintage, eclectic, rustic, elegant or ultra-modern. 
2. White-white interiors always look best in natural light, especially from south-facing windows. 
3. Put bright white everywhere except the ceiling; a bright white ceiling looks unfinished. Instead, use a grayer or yellower white on the ceiling. 
4. Think of ways to add variety and interest with textures, prints and fabrics (even if they are all-white). 
5. With bright whites, nothing can hide, which is why you don't want to skimp on the quality of your materials.
For bright white walls, floors, countertops and other surfaces, we recommend Caesasrstone quartz surfaces or Neolith ceramic slabs. Both of these all-natural materials come in a variety of bright white hues and offer high quality and durability as well as incredible versatility. 
Architects, designers and homeowners can find bright white Caesarstone and bright white Neolith for timeless purely white interiors at Marble and Granite in New England. Shop Caesarstone and Neolith products on the Marble and Granite website, or visit one of the showrooms in Milford, Connecticut or Westwood, Massachusetts.
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