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Caesarstone for Beautiful Commercial Bathrooms

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Tue, Nov 27, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

How many commercial restrooms have you walked in and thought to yourself, "wow, this bathroom is beautiful?" Or how many commercial restrooms have you walked in and immediately felt a sense of tranquility, harmony and happiness? We're guessing that unless you spend most of your time in a private jet, the answer to both of these questions is not that many. But if you are a business owner, why not try to make your building's restroom the exception? 
Designing a commercial restroom that looks nice while also being functional and economical is tricky, but Caesarstone makes it much easier. Made from natural quartz, Caesarstone surfaces are not only beautiful, but they are also extremely durable and require little to no maintenance. On top of all this, Caesarstone is nonabsorbent and nonporous, making it an ideal material for spaces like commercial bathrooms that have to meet incredibly high sanitation standards.
To show you what's possible with the wide range of Caesarstone colors and patterns, here are some stunning bathroom design ideas with Caesarstone quartz surfaces. 
caesarstone for commercial bathrooms   1 resized 600
caesarstone for commercial bathrooms   2 resized 600
caesarstone for commercial bathrooms   3 resized 600
caesarstone for commercial bathrooms   4 resized 600
But if you are still not sure that Caesarstone quartz surfaces can meet your needs for functionality and practicality with your commercial bathroom design, maybe this example will help. 
caesarstone for commercial bathrooms   5 resized 600
That's right! Caesarstone was selected by the multinational computing corporation Microsoft for nearly every room of its Shanghai building. Hopefully, this says a lot about the quality and performance of Caesarstone surfaces.  
caesarstone for commercial bathrooms   6 resized 600
New England businesses looking to design a commercial bathroom or other commercial space with Caesarstone quartz surfaces do not have to look any farther than Marble and Granite. As the exclusive distributor of Caesarstone surfaces in the region, Marble and Granite has Caesarstone surfaces available both online and at our showrooms in Milford, Connecticut and Westwood, Massachusetts

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