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Award-Winning Neolith for High-Performing Wall-Cladding

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Made of 100 percent natural mineral composition, Neolith porcelain slabs by The Size offer physical properties that provide incredible peace of mind to designers, homeowners, and private or commercial business owners. Neolith porcelain is hygienic and heavy duty. It is resistant to liquids, freezing temperatures, high temperatures, fire and high traffic abrasion. In addition, Neolith is easy to clean and even resistant to UV rays, so that its beautiful color never fades. 
Finally, Neolith slabs come up to 10mm thick and 3600 mm long! The available sizes of Neolith slabs make them incredibly versatile. For example, Neolith wall cladding can be used to achieve long stretches of walls without seems or joints. To show you the clean lines and smooth aesthetics of high performing Neolith wall cladding, here are some examples of Neolith walls in commercial business settings. 
Neolith wall cladding is perfectly sleek and practical for this dental office, and the blue and gray tones of the Neolith create a nice, soothing environment. 
neolith wall cladding   1 resized 600
This high-end boutique used Neolith wall cladding to achieve chic and fashionable stripes. 
neolith wall cladding   2 resized 600
Neolith has even been used in public places that receive the highest traffic: train stations! 
neolith wall cladding   3 resized 600
And in case there is still a question of the performance of Neolith slabs, here's a building facade made primarily of Neolith! 
neolith wall cladding   4 resized 600
The Neolith product may have been introduced only three years ago, but it is already making major waves in the surface industry. In fact, The Size recently won the surfacing category with Neolith in the 2012 KBCulture Awards
To start shopping for your award-winning Neolith wall cladding, visit the Marble and Granite online product listings or come by one of the New England showrooms in Milford, Connecticut or Westwood, Massachusetts. 

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