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The 3 Most Popular Granite Countertops Finishes

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Tue, Dec 04, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Marble and Granite is about stone finishes. The most popular stone finishes are polished, honed and leathered. But what do these finishes look like? What is the difference between them? And how do you care for stone with these finishes? 
Polished: Achieved through a grinding and buffing process, this type of treatment leaves stone with a sleek, slippery surface and high-gloss finish. It is best known for its ability to reveal the true color and character of marble and granite. In order to maintain the luster of polished finishes, stone must be maintained through daily cleaner with proper cleaners and occasional resealing. 
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Honed: Also known as a matte finish, this type of finish is achieved through a sanding process and leaves marble and granite with a satiny-smooth surface. Stone with a honed finish requires more frequent resealing but is less slippery and known to conceal flaws better than other finishes since it does not have a reflection. For this reason, honed finishes are ideal for casual, low traffic areas. 
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Leathered: This specialty finish is most commonly applied to dark-colored granite and results in a rough, "river-washed appearance" that is reminiscent of leather material. Lacking any kind of shine, leathered granite is known for hiding fingerprints and smudges well. Leathered granite should be cleaned daily with a granite cleaner and microfiber cloth. It can also be polished with a granite polish to reduce the absorbency. 
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In order to provide our clients with stone cleaners, sealers and polishes that are safe and effective, Marble and Granite offers StoneTech, a line of high-performing cleaning products designed specifically for marble, granite and other stone surfaces. For more caring and maintenance information for marble, granite and other natural and engineered stones, visit the Care & Maintenance page in the Helpful Resources section of the Marble and Granite website. 
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