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Interior Design Color Trends for 2013

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Wed, Dec 26, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Among the most-anticipated events in the interior design world is the announcement of 2013 forecasts by color authorities. And the two industry authorities most famous for their carefully-calculated color forecasts are Pantone and Benjamin Moore. Let's look at what both of these color authorities are predicting will be the top color trends for 2013 home interiors. 
Pantone's 2013 color forecast for home and interiors include 9 new palettes. The "Connoisseur" palette is made up of pretty purples and pinks as well as timeless tones of white, gray and beige. Inspired by an array of flavors and spices, the "Extracts" palette features earthy browns contrasted with bold hues such as apple cinnamon and brandied melon. Another palette worth noting is the "Surface Treatments" palette which combines timeless metallic shades with cool ocean blues and gray-greens. All of the palettes can be found in the book PantoneView Inspiration for Interiors 2013.
The "Surface Treatments" palette by Pantone (image via CasaSugar
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The color experts at Benjamin Moore created 4 new palettes based on emerging interior design trends for 2013: Artisan, Urbanite, New Traditional and Coastal. The "Artisan" and "Urbanite" palettes boast stunning contrasts with their warm earthy hues and cool deep grays and blues making them perfect for interiors ranging from eclectic and contemporary to chic and modern. The "New Traditional" and "Coastal" palettes feature softer combinations of soothing greens and blues with subtle mauve and pale yellow accents that will work beautifully in traditional and transitional settings. 
The "Urbanite" palette by Benjamin Moore (image via Benjamin Moore
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What 2013 color palettes are you most inspired by? Tell us in a comment! 
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