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Marble Countertops Are Ideal For Any Setting


Nearly everyone loves to gaze at marble. It adds character and class to any setting. Augustus proudly said he found Rome made of bricks and left it marble. The Pantheon is made of marble, as well as the Lincoln Memorial. Time has shown marble to be long lasting, durable, beautiful and unique because of its veins. Marble countertops make any setting beautiful. Last year brought the trend of white marble.

When you choose marble countertops you are making an elegant statement that your presence will last decades. Small wonder the trend is to bring back marble in residential and commercial settings. Wherever marble is found, it always gives us pause, as we never tire seeing it.

In the world of white marble countertops, there are many variances, at least 27 in fact. Some tend toward the gray. Others are a bit more creamy or granular. Those in the most pure form are without a doubt the hardest to procure and therefore the most expensive. White marble can be found on many continents. However, the most sought after types are from the quarries in Barry, Vermont and Carrara, Italy.

Marble Kitchen Island

Photo by Houzz

When you sign on for a project with Marble and Granite, Inc., you will receive an amazing product and our vast support. Our employees have an ethnic background as rich as the marble countertops; from all over the world. We take great effort in making you feel comfortable, as we show you the various types of marbles, their prices and are very frank. We place the emphasis on a sale to be with customer satisfaction; nothing else matters. Most fabricators will discourage the use of marble, as it is indeed difficult for the inexperienced. However, a skilled craftsman works with the veins, producing nothing short of a masterpiece.

Competing with the white marbles are some quartz products, such as Pure White or Blizzard from Caesarstone. We will explain the differences in every aspect, so you are able to make the most informed decision. If you are in search of the purest white with no spots, be prepared as they are the most expensive and are very difficult to find.

Contact us for more information about the products, or how we might be of service. We are here for all your needs for your current and future projects. We can help you choose an installer that fits the materials you wish to use.    


Agreed ! Aside from owning and managing a 12 person marble and  
granite restoration/refinishing company for 20 years I also have  
Carrara white in my kitchen at home. It holds up to coffee, coke, 
lemon juice and olive oils spills  
better than most marbles and its  
natural beauty is unmatched. Sealing well ( 3 x ) with premium  
silane and water based sealers also 
go a long way to help protect the  
marble surface from minor damages. 
I've visited and toured the marble  
edifices at Ephesus twice now and continue to be amazed at the 2,000 
year old durability and beauty.
Posted @ Friday, February 22, 2013 8:44 AM by mike pavilon
beautiful and luxury contertops, made of Statuario?
Posted @ Tuesday, April 02, 2013 4:02 AM by Helen
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