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White Granite Countertops: A Great Marble Alternative

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 11:30 AM

Marble countertops have been a European kitchen staple for generations. There, they celebrate the unique patina that develops over time. They don’t mind the gradual stains and etching that occur when anything acidic lingers on the calcium-based surface. If you’re of the European mind-set then you’re a great candidate for classic marble countertops.

However, if you’re not a fan of the “lived with” look, or if you’d rather your countertops appear perfectly glossy forever, then you might want to consider a white granite alternative. Granite is far less likely to break, chip, crack, scratch, or stain than marble. And the wide selection of white-hued granite available means you can have the same elegant beauty with far less maintenance. To get the clean, timeless look of Carrara Marble without the “work,” here are a few white granite alternatives to consider:

Alaskan White Granite [] features an off-white background, flecked with shades of brown. The brown can range from light tan to a darker espresso. It may feature chunks of cream woven throughout. Alaskan White is a great neutral that pairs well with virtually any style, from ultra modern to classic country

White Granite

Alaskan White Countertop by Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

Photo by Houzz 


Bethel White Granite  is a high-grade granite mined only in the United States. First mined in Bethel, Vermont in the late 1700’s, today it’s mined primarily by a single company and shipped all over the world. Bethel White Granite is known for its distinctive bluish-white hue with gray spots.

Bethel White Granite 

Bethel White Granite Slab by Venegas and Company

Photo by Houzz 

Bianco Romano Granite is usually selected by homeowners who really had their heart set on Carrara Marble. It’s a relatively inexpensive stone comprised mostly of shades of white and gray, with small, darker flecks of browns and blacks.

 Bethel White Granite

Blanco Romano Countertop by Rebekah Zaveloff 

Photo by Houzz 

Keep in mind that, as with any stone, white granite slabs can all vary quite a bit in pattern and color. And color can appear different under various lighting schemes. Once you’ve selected the White Granite you prefer from our online product catalog , be sure to view your exact slab in person at one of our New England showrooms.

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