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ColorQuartz Has Solid Showing at KBIS

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

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Marble & Granite Visits ColorQuartz in Shanghai

Posted by Marble And Granite on Fri, Jan 22, 2016 @ 11:30 AM


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Quartz Surfacing: You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Tue, Mar 11, 2014 @ 02:45 PM

A few weeks ago, we blogged about how quartz surfacing is way more than a passing fad. As consumers, designers, and architects learn more about the versatility and durability of this material, its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds—with it now second only to granite as the top choice in countertops today. It’s interesting, however, to look back over the past decade to see how the industry itself has evolved, not just the technology.

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Don't get confused between Quartzite and Quartz Countertops

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 11:30 AM

Quartz and Quartzite countertops are indeed an excellent choice. At Marble and Granite, we work hard to bring you the best in materials and help bring your projects to fruition.


This is an amazing material. It is naturally strong, resists heat and is hard to stain. Quartzite is formed from sandstone and quartz together under a great deal of heat and pressure. The empty grains of sandstone are filled with quartz. This process makes quartzite harder than quartz. On the Mohs scale of hardness (1-10), with 10 the hardest, granite measures between 6 and 6.5; whereas quartzite measures around 7.

However, there is a chance for etching to occur on its surface. Quartzite is considered an exceptional material for use in countertops. This can be literally found all over the world, as it is a very common material formed in the crust of the earth. You will notice the more sought after material originates in Brazil and India. The difference in price for the material in either slabs or tiles will be reflected through the availability of colors and location.

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Pure White Countertops by CaesarStone

Posted by Marble And Granite on Thu, Apr 21, 2011 @ 06:00 AM

[caption id="attachment_411" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Pure White quartz countertops. Image via"] [/caption]

Marble and Granite distributes CaesarStone products, including their beautiful and durable Pure White countertops. This engineered stone outperforms the competition in aesthetic value, quality, and resilience.

Unlike the competition, CaesarStone consists of 93% natural quartz. Quartz is one of the strongest minerals found in nature, giving CaesarStone durability unmatched by other engineered stones made mostly from plastic. Solid and nonporous, Caesarstone is resistant to scratches, stains and moderate heat. It is also easy to clean without sealing or frequent polishing; just use water and a mild soap. Caesarstone’s overall performance has earned an ISO 9001 certification.

A friend and fabricator in New York recently took on a project using Ceasarstone’s Pure White countertops. He used this quality product to replace the more cost-efficient White Thassos by Chroma. The Chroma product resembled plastic because of its low quartz content and pliability; the previous installers needed to reinforce the material to minimize bending and waving. Even the reinforcements were not enough, hence why the surfaces were being replaced. The finished results using Caesarstone are beautiful.


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Quartz Countertops a 2011 Kitchen and Bath Trend

Posted by Marble And Granite on Sat, Jan 29, 2011 @ 07:55 AM

The National Kitchen & Bath Association has released its 11 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2011, and on the list is quartz countertops. Though granite is still the most popular countertop option, quartz countertops such as Caesarstone are taking some of the share of the market.

Caesarstone is an engineered stone surface containing ground up pieces of quartz held together with a resin to form a durable solid surface. Consumers like Caesarstone because it is more affordable than granite and comes in a wide variety of colors to match interiors. Quartz countertops are most popular in kitchens, but they can be used in bathrooms as well.

Besides countertops, designers and product manufacturers are using Caesarstone in a host of creative applications, including texturized Motivo wall panels and Sonobath vessel sinks, which are both available at Marble and Granite Inc.

Want to get in on the quartz countertop trend? Caesarstone countertops in Sandalwood are on special this month at Marble and Granite Inc. while supplies last because they are being discontinued.
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