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Soapstone: Stay Interesting, My Friends

Soapstone Island

Did you take chemistry class in high school? If you did, you’ve likely already experienced soapstone. Most lab tables are made of this material because of its chemically “inert” composition. (That’s just a fancy way of saying that chemicals won’t ruin it. It’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?) Resistant to stains and bacteria, soapstone can hold up to Bunsen burners and high school students determined to wreak havoc. Its ability to withstand all of that makes soapstone a pretty great choice for kitchen and bath countertops too.

Natural Stone Finishes

White Quartzite

Just as important as it is to choose a material that suits the function of a particular project, it’s equally important to select the appropriate finish for the material. When it comes to natural stone, the surface finish helps to dictate the functional characteristics of the material. For example, a honed surface will provide slip-resistance, whereas a polished surface will be highly reflective. Finish can also go a long way in affecting the color of natural stone. Some finishes will intensify the color while others will soften it.

Wild About White Granite

White Granite Countertops

White countertops offer a look that’s timeless, clean, and fresh. Blended with white cabinetry, they offer a soothing look. Paired with black cabinets, they help create drama and contrast. Marble is usually the material that comes to mind when most of our customers think of white natural stone. But if you want the look of white countertops with a little less work, consider white granite.

Consumer Reports: Quartz Sets the Standard

Seashell ColorQuartz

You’ve heard us say before that Quartz surfacing is more than just a passing fad. As building professionals and homeowners learn more about this remarkable material, its popularity is expanding exponentially. In fact, it’s one of the most popular countertop materials used today, second only to granite. In a recent study by Consumer Reports, Quartz came out ahead over 14 other materials tested, proving that it can hold its own against the competition.

He put a ring on it! Now what?

Arabescato Corchia

Q: Help! My boyfriend put a ring on it, but not the kind of ring I was hoping for. He forgot to use a coaster on my marble countertop and now there’s a visible water ring. Is there anything I can do to remove it?

Choosing Countertop Color: Is light right or does dark make a spark?

Granite Waterfall Countertop

Q: We’re trying to decide on a color for our new countertop. Is there a “rule of thumb” or standard way to determine whether we should go light or dark?

Color Variances: Why you must see your slab

Alpine Granite

Q: I bought a marble countertop for my kitchen remodel through a popular big box outlet. When it arrived for installation, the color just seemed “off.” They “reassured” me that this was the color that I had selected. However when I held my sample up to it, there was a clear difference in both the pattern and overall color. I had little choice but to go ahead with the installation, but I’m wondering…how could there have been such a mix-up?

Sustainable Stone

Sustainable Stone

In today’s building and construction industry, “green” has evolved from a mere buzzword into a solid reality. Architects, builders, and homeowners alike recognize the need to increase our environmental consciousness and do what we can to be kinder and gentler to the earth, plus conserve our natural resources. Natural stone is an inherently earth-friendly material, which recently became even more so when the Natural Stone Council unveiled more stringent sustainability standards for the industry.

Resilience + Classic Beauty = White Soapstone

White Soapstone

Love the resilience of soapstone, but have your heart set on classic white countertops? We’ve got a choice that may offer a pretty good compromise…White Soapstone.

The Drama of Quartz

Palisades ColorQuartz

Granite and marble may get all of the attention for having vivid veining and striking striations, but today’s quartz surfacing offers some pretty exciting choices too.

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