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Marble Tile Surrounds & Fireplace Design Ideas

Posted by Gian Luca Fiori on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 @ 10:30 AM

Amenities such as fireplaces are a luxury, which means they should reflect luxury. Marble tiles are a common way to add sophistication and beauty to fireplaces. While marble is known to require more maintenance than other natural stone surfaces, it is an ideal material for low traffic areas like fireplace surrounds. Marble tiles offer both resistance to stand up to the heat and endless design options to stand up to the most distinctive interior designs. Let's take a look at a few design examples of high-end interiors with marble tile fireplaces. 
Even with its modern two-sided design, this white carrara marble fireplace with polished square tiles adds timeless glamour to this contemporary style living room. 
marble tile fireplaces 1 resized 600
Simple and sleek, this fireplace with large beige marble tile squares brings subtle warmth and a hint of nature to enhance minimalist interiors. 
marble tile firplaces 2 resized 600
Rich, dark marble square tiles with dramatic movement and a polished finish brings added elegance to this master suite. 
marble tile fireplaces 3 resized 600
Square tiles aren't the only way to go; polished white carrara marble was cut into unique diamond-shaped tiles to add a striking, eclectic element to this charming living room. 
marble tile fireplaces 4 resized 600
Large marble tile squares employed in a floor-to-ceiling fireplace design creates an intriguing focal point this contemporary style living space. 
marble tile fireplaces 5 resized 600
An oversized marble tile mantle allows this elegant fireplace to add a modern twist to contrast elaborate, traditional style furnishings.
marble tile fireplaces 6a resized 600
For a more unique effect, this fireplace design with large rectangular tiles of honed marble was extended to become an entire wall of stunning color and texture. 
marble tile fireplaces 7 resized 600
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